Behaviour Management

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At Together We Grow, we never discourage a child from expressing his/her feelings. Our goal is to teach the children to express themselves in a constructive manner. We want the children to understand their own feelings and those of others.

We feel it is best for the teachers to give attention to appropriate behaviour, while de-emphasizing the negative behaviours.  

Behaviour management practices should be:

  • Used in a positive and consistent manner.
  • Implemented as soon as possible after the inappropriate behaviour.
  • Appropriate to the developmental level of the child.
  • Related to the inappropriate behaviour.
  • Designed to assist the child to learn appropriate behaviour.
  • Discussed with the parent(s) if a difficult situation arises with the child.

Preferred Practices

Employees are expected to use the following behaviour management practices when necessary:

  • Channeling the child’s energy to another area (diversion).
  • Ignoring inappropriate behaviour (where appropriate).
  • Giving positive verbal reminders about inappropriate behaviour.
  • Redirecting to a closely supervised activity.
  • Giving positive reinforcement of desired behaviour – both verbal and non-verbal.

A discussion and explanation will follow all disciplinary methods where appropriate.

Prohibited Practices

The following forms of behaviour management shall not be permitted by anyone, any of the following actions are grounds for immediate dismissal.

  • Corporal punishment of a child (e.g., spanking, hitting, shaking, biting, etc.).
  • Deliberately harsh or degrading measures that would humiliate a child or undermine a child’s self-respect (e.g., shouting, yelling, sarcasm, put-downs, forced feeding, etc.).
  • Depriving a child of basic needs, including food, shelter, clothing or bedding.
  • Confining a child in a locked room or other area.
  • Locking the exits in order to confine a child

Contravention of Policies and Procedures

behaviourEveryone – employees and parents – is expected to comply with the above stated policy and procedures and the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act. Failure to comply could result in:

For employees:

  • A verbal warning.
  • A written warning.
  • Dismissal.

For others, including parents:

  • A verbal warning.
  • Other action as deemed appropriate by the supervisor, including, but not limited to, the person not being permitted on the premises.

When action is necessary, it will be taken immediately by the supervisor in the case of employees, parents and others and by the owner in the case of the supervisor.

Monitoring Behaviour Management Practices

  1. The following monitoring helps ensure that only preferred behaviour management practices are used:
  2. A comprehensive discussion of the behaviour management philosophy of each employee will take place during the hiring process to ensure compatibility with the philosophy of Together We Grow and the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act.
  3. Employees will be made aware of the policies and procedures of Together We Grow through the review and sign-off of the procedures and meetings, which include discussions of any unusual disciplinary problems.
  4. Each employee will be observed at least two times a year and will have a performance appraisal conducted on them.
  5. All complaints regarding behaviour management practices made by anyone, including parents, children, and employees will be investigated and acted upon by the Supervisor. Serious occurrence procedures will be followed when required.
  6. A log (or record) of the monitoring of behaviour management practices will be kept. This log will include factual statements only and will be kept in the main office for reasons of confidentiality. At a minimum, it will include:
  • The dates of review of the behaviour management policy and the people involved.
  • Summaries of concerns regarding a child’s behaviour, including meetings to discuss concerns, strategies agreed upon, discussions with a child’s parent(s), etc.
  • Dates of observation of behaviour management practices by the supervisor.
  • Dates of complaints regarding behaviour management practices and a note indicating where the details regarding the incident and the action taken can be found (e.g. Employee file).

Review and Sign-Off

The behaviour management policies and procedures will be reviewed prior to working with children for the first time and at least annually thereafter with each employee. After reviewing the policies and procedures, each person will sign and date that they have read them and agree to follow them.

record retentionThe Supervisor will review the behaviour management policy annually to ensure that it remains appropriate and up to date. A record of the date of review will be kept in the behaviour management log.

Record Retention

All records related to the review and sign-off of behaviour management policies as well as the monitoring of behaviour management practices will be kept on file in the main office for at least two years after the last entry.

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