A place of warmth and caring

A place of warmth and caring

Infants need a place of warmth and caring. Stimulating, yet secure. To ensure such a place, at Together We Grow up to 3 teachers will be caring for no more than 10 infants. Daily charting will help each child and their parents to develop at their own pace.

Our teachers will use their classrooms, tools, and toys to the fullest to provide opportunities for exploration. They will stimulate the children with daily activities such as crafts, songs, games, and age appropriate toys to develop physically, emotionally, and socially while language development is not ignored.

Your child's progress excites and delights us and we will do our best to provide endless opportunities for development and discovery.

Infant RoomWe offer an AM/PM snack and an on-site prepared lunch is provided. Also nap or rest periods of two hours every day. Our infants enjoy 2 hours of outdoor time daily whether it be a walk in our strollers or in the outdoor playground with age appropriate play toys and activities provided twice per day.

As we like to keep our parents up-to-date on the progress of their children, twice a year we issue report cards that reflect their child's developmental and academic updates. This may be supplemented with parent-teacher interviews to discuss each child's development.


Your responsibilities:

Parents are required to provide personalized schedules upon registration to document valuable information about their child's needs; feeding times, new foods being introduced, naps, etc.

It is the Parents' responsibility to provide all the necessities for their infants, such as milk, formula, diapers, wipes, and creams. These must be clearly labeled with the child’s name.

If your infant is on formula, you must provide enough bottles and formula to cover his/her feeding schedule for the day. Bottles will be sent home daily to be cleaned.

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