Making sense of their world

toddlerChildren use their bodies to make sense of their world. They see, hear, smell, taste and touch to learn. Our program for Toddlers guides the children and helps them develop their emerging problem-solving skills.

From singing to exploring, the combination of group and individual activities ensures that your child will take the utmost advantage of their creative energy. We offer an AM/PM snack and provide a lunch which is prepared on-site. We also ensure children enjoy two-hour Nap or rest periods every day. We provide a toilet training routine and a daily update sheet to let parents know about their child's toileting and eating Schedule. 

Up to 3 teachers to a maximum of 15 children will be working to stimulate the physical, emotional, and social learning of your child. Twice a day, our toddlers enjoy the outdoor playground with age appropriate play structure and activities.

Keeping our parents up to date on their children's progress is important to us. Therefore, twice a year, parents are provided with report cards that reflect their child's developmental and academic progress, and/or parent-teacher interviews to discuss each child's development.


Your responsibilities:

It is the Parents' responsibility to provide diapers, wipes, and creams. These must be clearly labeled with the child’s name.


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