Administration of Medication

prescription medicationTogether We Grow understands that, from time to time, it will be necessary for us to administer prescription medication to your child.

Our children’s safety is our number one priority. Therefore in order to administer medications, we ask all parents to complete and sign a medication administration form prior to administering ANY drug (e.g. antibiotics, vitamins, minerals, OTCs, epi-pen, puffers, etc).

We will only administer prescription medication as directed by a licenced physician or dentist.

Prescription Medication

The medication must be in its original container , with a label attached bearing the child’s name, date of purchase, time and dosage , number of days to be administered and doctor and pharmacy information.

The medication is kept in a zip lock bag with your child’s name and classroom clearly labeled. All medication is kept in a lock box in the classroom or refrigerated in the staffroom refrigerator. EXCEPTION: Asthma or emergency allergy medication will not be locked.

All the medication will be administered by the ECE in the classroom, or the supervisor. It will also be witnessed by another staff member and recorded on the medication form.

All staff administering medication will wash their hands before and after administering. They will also wear gloves while administering medication. The child will be taken to a quiet place, away from the play area, to have medication administered. Medication will be administered from their original container or as supplied by a pharmacist.

Medication expiry dates are checked constantly. No medication that has expired will be administered; it will be given back to the parents to be disposed of. 

Left over medications or surplus of medication will be returned in its original container of the child, or safely discarded with parental permission.

Over the Counter Medication

Non-Prescription Medication Together We Grow will administer over the counter medications (such as Tylenol) ONLY with the written permission of the parent and the physician.

Written instructions must be given to us, and a specific time and dose must be specified on the form.

The medication must be clearly labeled and placed in a zip lock bag with the child’s name and classroom.

 NO over-the-counter medications are to be kept in your child’s back pack. They must be given to the staff properly labeled and in a zip lock bag.

Together We Grow staff will apply any diaper rash ointment , petroleum jelly and/or suntan lotion with written consent from the parent.

We will follow all directions on the manufacturer’s label. All bottles must be clearly labeled with the child’s name and last name.

All medication forms will be kept in a medication binder in the classroom.


 Diaper Rash Cream & Sunscreen

diaper rashTogether we grow staff will apply any diaper rash ointment, petroleum jelly and/or suntan lotion with written consent from the parent. We will follow all directions on the manufacturer’s label. All bottles must be clearly labeled with the child’s name and last name.

Allergy & Anaphylactic Medications

Parents will be required to provide medications and fill out a Special Medication Treatment form.

This will enable the staff to administer the medication in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

This form must be renewed every 6 months.

If a child has asthma, an inhaler and areochamber must be provided for the appropriate administration of the medication in the event of an asthmatic attack. If the symptoms persist after the administration of the medication, we will contact the child’s parents. All episodes will be documented in the child’s file and on a special medication treatment form.

If a child has anaphylaxis, parents are required to provide an Epi-Pen/ Epi-Pen Jr./Allerject in the event of anaphylactic shock.

Every Epi-Pen/ Epi-Pen Jr./Allerject must be individually labeled with the child’s name and expiry date.

The Epi-Pen/ Epi-Pen Jr./Allerject will be kept in a pouch near the child at all times.

After the administration of an Epi-Pen/ Epi-Pen Jr./Allerject , an ambulance will be called. The parents will also be called and the allergic reaction documented in the child’s file.

Self-Administration by the Child

A school age child will be allowed to administer his or her own inhaler or Epi-Pen/ Epi-Pen Jr./Allerject when the according forms are filled out by the child’s parent/s and the following must also be done:

  1. A written statement from the child’s health care provider and parent/legal guardian is obtained, indicating the child is capable of self-medication without assistance.
  2. Written instructions from the child’s parents including dosage and time of administration.
  3. The child’s medication and supplies are not accessible to other children.
  4. Staff must observe and record/document of self-administration medications.
  5. Staff must record the self-administration and the time on a medication form and noted in the daily written record.
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