Criminal Reference Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening & Offence Declaration

A criminal reference vulnerable sector screening is a precautionary measure at Together We Grow Learning & Childcare Centre designed to ascertain whether employees or volunteers providing direct service to children have a criminal history which could potentially make them unsuitable for certain positions of trust.

A positive response may or may not preclude employment or volunteering with Together We Grow Learning & Childcare Centre.

Together We Grow requires that all staff members, supervisors, teachers, assistants, parents, caregivers, and volunteers, who will have direct contact with the children, must have a Criminal Reference vulnerable sector screening through the applicant’s local Police Department/Service before beginning work or volunteer service.

The cost of the reference check is the responsibility of the person obtaining the criminal reference check.

The Criminal Reference Check will be mandatory for the following staff, student, and volunteer positions:

  1. All new teachers hired by the school
  2. All substitute teachers
  3. All new students, who attend at the school as part of their training, or others who attend to do community service work.
  4. All new approved duty day substitutes
  5. All new volunteer parents
  6. All new employees.

A new vulnerable sector check needs to be obtained, on or before every fifth anniversary after the date of the most recent vulnerable check has been issued.

An offence declaration will be obtained, and signed off in every calendar year in which a vulnerable sector check is obtained. Any staff, student, and volunteer positions that is required to obtain a vulnerable sector check is required to provide the centre with an offence declaration, as soon as reasonably possible, any time he or she is convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code (Canada).


Criminal Reference Check: A type of police record check that may include criminal convictions and findings of guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Offence Declaration: A written declaration signed by an individual that lists all of the individual’s convictions for offences under the Criminal Code (Canada), if any, during the period specified in the declaration.

Police Record Check: A search of records that are held in police databases pertaining to a specific individual. The two types of police record checks referenced in the CCEYA are criminal reference checks and vulnerable sector checks.

Vulnerable Sector Check: An enhanced type of police record check that may include criminal convictions, findings of guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, outstanding charges, arrest warrants, certain judicial orders, absolute discharges, conditional discharges, other records as authorized by the Criminal Records Act, findings of not criminally responsible due to mental disorder, record suspensions (pardons) related to sexually-based offences, and non-conviction information related to the predation of a child or other vulnerable person (i.e., charges that were withdrawn, dismissed or stayed, or that resulted in acquittals).

A vulnerable sector check is conducted in cases where an individual would be in an employment or volunteer position of trust or authority over children or other vulnerable persons.


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