preschool-buzzA child's environment is key in a learning-based curriculum. We therefore designed Together We Grow's facilities to provide a warm, intimate and secure environment so children may develop at their own pace.

The rooms are especially laid out with adequate space for the children to learn, play, explore, and rest. There is a wet and dry sensory area, a dramatic centre, a book centre, a block centre, a creative area, a cognitive table, and a science/interest table. There is also a table that can be used after nap time so that children get to participate in quiet activities while their peers are still sleeping. The toys, activity centres, programs, and outdoor playground at Together We Grow all meet the developmental and social needs of the children and provide environments that encourage social interaction and individual exploration.

Environmentally safe materialsBecause children learn a lot through play, the materials we provide, and the way we use them in our classrooms is also important. The materials we use at Together We Grow are safe and developmentally appropriate. They stimulate learning and enhance all the developmental domains of the children. However, these domains are not isolated from each other, but interact.

In a nutshell, children learn best through active exploration, experimentation and problem solving in a stimulating and safe environment. They learn from personal interaction with their surroundings, from direct experience with real objects, and from applying what they have learned. As we allow them to be motivated by their own interests, children will learn better.

Clean spaces

Clean spacesCleanliness is very important so we take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of germs. Toys are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis in the infant room; and weekly in all other classrooms.


Last but not least are our indoor gym and outdoor playground. Especially the latter is important. The primary benefit of outdoor childcare centers is that children get to partake in physical activities. Find out how the outdoors appeals to the senses and cognitive development of children with help from a clinical psychologist and family therapist in this free video on childcare centers:

Source:  Benefits of Outdoor Childcare Centers -- powered by ehow 


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