A Good First Day

First day

It is our aim to help children and parents have a Good First Day at the Together We Grow Learning & Childcare Centre. Changing your childcare Centre or starting at a new childcare Centre is never easy. The first day(s) of the child can be filled with anxiety over the unknown; this often shows with a few tears.

First week/ Visiting week

To overcome the initial difficulties, at Together We Grow Learning & Childcare Centre we encourage parents to begin visiting our Centre with the child the week before they are supposed to start. During this visiting week, parents should not leave the Centre's premises while the child is in our care.

We've structured the first weeks of your child's time at the Together We Grow Learning & Childcare Centre in a way that makes the transition as smooth as possible. During the first weeks, you can expect:

  • A tour of your child's classroom, including an overview of your child's daily routine.
  • A newsletter and monthly calendar
  • A list of essentials that your child may need while in our care
  • A lot of face-to-face communication with the teachers in the classroom.

Of course, communication doesn't stop after the first week. We also encourage parents to openly communicate with our teachers. We focus on making the process as welcoming and worry-free as possible, and are therefore always available should you have any concerns.

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